Riddles and Puzzles

Riddles and Puzzles # 207

Tom and Ray are brothers. Tom drives a '74 Chevy Pickup everywhere, while Ray drives a fast car. Ray is, in fact, a race car driver and races every year in the Indianapolis 500. One day, Tom challenges Ray to a race. Tom says that he'll race Ray around the Indianapolis track, but for 50 miles instead of 500. Tom will drive his truck, and Ray will drive his Indianapolis 500 race car around the track.

Tom only has 2 stipulations for the race:
1) Neither brother can make any alterations to his vehicle other than the way that it is right now.
2) Tom gets to choose when they race.

Ray accepts the challenge. A few weeks go by, and then Tom calls up Ray, and says NOW. Ray responds 'Aw man! Not today!', but grudgingly he meets Tom at the track and they race and sure enough - Tom beats Larry easily.

How did Tom beat Ray?